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7mm - 14mm Kabuli Chickpeas / Chickpeas for sale wholesale organic cooked chickpeas/ 12m
30 €/кг DAP
Key Specifications/ Special Features: Appearance: Chickpea grains Taste: Characteristic Aroma: Characteristic, presenting no stale, musty, sour or rancid smell Colour: Uniform beige Fungi: Absent Insect damage: MAX 1% Foreign Matter: MAX 1% Matches and/or broken: MAX 2% Green and/or
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9 фев
Оптовая цена
1 300 - 1 500 $/т
Chickpeas seeds are used in the food industry and for feed purposes. Chickpea is a very popular food in the kitchen of many nations. High quality of products will satisfy all your needs. Packaged in bulk or as per your request.
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6 июн 2018
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