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Крупный рогатый скот (КРС) в Вене

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Small Cattle
Оптовая цена
100 - 150 $/шт
Greenfield Incorporation can offer you sheep and goats for breeding and slaughter. Goats and sheep are rearing for meat, wool and pelts, which are used in the food, textile and haberdashery industry respectively. Also in the dairy industry is very highly thought of goat's milk. Our most popular
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6 июн 2018
Оптовая цена
1 700 - 2 000 $/шт
We can provide you the bulls, cows and young cattle for meat and meat - dairy line breeding. Our most popular races are Aberdeen Angus, Simmental, Ukrainian, South, Volynskaya, and Holstein. Stock-rearing is in the accordance the requirements of DSTU 4673:2006.
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6 июн 2018
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Healthy Pregnant Holstein Heifers Cow/ Healthy Pregnant Holstein Heifers Cattle At Afforda
20 €/шт DAP
Key Specifications/ Special Features: Pregnant Holstein Heifers Cow in bulk We supply Beef Cattle, Cows, (Bulls, Heifers, calves) sheep & Goats, Horses, Donkeys for the best price you can find!Given the fast growing rates of demand worldwide, We offer the best of these cattle and beef to all...
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27 мар
Ei Inkubation ROSS-308, vom Hersteller
Ei Inkubation ROSS-308, vom Hersteller - фото 1
Ei Inkubation ROSS-308, vom Hersteller - фото 2
+4 фото
Ei Inkubation ROSS-308, vom Hersteller - фото 3
0.27 €/шт  
опт 0.22 - 0.25 €/шт
Angebot Lieferung von Broiler Broiler Crosse ROSS-308 (ROSS-308) Ohne Zwischenhändler, direkt vom Hersteller. Herkunftsland: Litauen Menge: 90.000 bis 120.000 pro Woche. 400 000 - 500 000 Mo. Lieferplan: auf Dauer, nach Vereinbarung (nach Zeitplan). Preis: verhandelbar Produkteigenschaften:
4 мар 2020
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