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Primary A-7 Aluminum, GOST Aluminum ingot Первичный алюминий
Цена по запросу
We sell primary A-7 aluminum; you can buy from us in bulk, deliver to your country. Primary aluminum A-7 | GOST aluminum ingot comes from the Irkutsk and Bratsk plants of Rusal. These are GOST products. Everything is strictly in accordance with current GOSTs. Secondary aluminum alloys, scrap
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26 июл 2020
Алюминий в чушках
100 €/м.куб. CIF
Продажа алюминиевых чушек цена LME+80 USD
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22 июн 2022
Цена по запросу
Алюминий первичный a7, a8 на экспорт.
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29 мая 2021
Аллюминий первичный, в чушках А7, А8.
1 750 $/шт
Аллюминий первичный, в чушках А7, А8.
16 фев 2021
Aluminum A7 and A8 wholesale
Цена по запросу
We sell A7 and A8 aluminum in very large quantities. Purity 99.97 - 99.99%. We sign annual contracts. CIF ASWP delivery terms. Payment by letter of credit. Price below the LME exchange value minus 10-15% depending on the quantity ordered. Minimum batch order MOQ 500 tons. We only respond to
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27 мар
Aluminium scrap
Aluminium scrap - фото 1
Aluminium scrap - фото 2
+4 фото
Aluminium scrap - фото 3
800 €/шт CIF
Conex boxes, also known as shipping containers, are the types of cargo containers that enable the storage of goods for intermodal transportation in vehicles like trucks, trains, and boats. They are frequently employed to move bulky items or palletized commodities.
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22 ноя 2022
Aluminum products
Цена по запросу
Over 12,000 articles, 6 types of aluminum alloy (AW 1070, 1050A, 6082, 6060, 6063, 6005), 30 years of expert experience, high quality products, the shortest production time, an individual approach and the inclusion of the needs of each client. production capacity: - tool shop (production of
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1 дек 2022
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