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Outdoor hot tub

6 800 $/штука
Новосад Віталій Ростиславович
менеджер зовнішньо економічної діяльності
на Флагма с 29 ноября 2021


We are pleased to cooperate with many owners of establishments providing recreation, wellness and tourism services in order to equip the spa and relaxation area with our wood burning hot tubs. It is the cast-iron tubs that are durable and functional. We always offer a wood-fired jacuzzi, because it is not only relaxation, but also health improvement.
Why are they choosing Hot iron Tub to complete their wellness location?

Cedar wood trim (or any other wood) for cast iron tub in the design blends perfectly with the environment. The hot tub and sauna in Wellness complex complement each other perfectly. So it eventually becomes a full-fledged oasis of wellness.

Outdoor hottub can be located right at the edge of the lake. Therefore, guests boldly bathe in its cold water after relaxation. Most guests often jump into the lake after soaking in the bathtub or sauna.

The location of wood fired hot tub in a private house also provides additional benefits to their owners. Returning after an exhausting day in the mountains, in nature or from a walk, your guests will be happy to plunge into the hot tub spa and say "thank you"

Each season brings a new feeling for owners and vacationers. There is no favorite season. This is paradise all year round!

The wood-fired Jacuzzi is ideally combined with outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing, canoeing, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding and more.

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на Флагма с 29 ноября 2021
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Новосад Віталій Ростиславович
менеджер зовнішньо економічної діяльності
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