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Медицинские маски и повязки в Австрии

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Маска медицинская трехслойная
0.04 $/шт DAP
МК, ООО, RU +6 объявлений
We sell three-layer medical masks. Minimum lot from 1000000 pieces. Pickup, delivery to the transport company. Certificates on request.
Three-layer medical masks
0.04 €/шт
Fangrouptex, ООО, UZ +2 объявления
Dear sirs, we offer masks wholesale and retail! The prices will pleasantly surprise you! We look forward to collaborating! Take care of yourself...
Respirators 3m 1860, 8210, etc.
Оптовая цена
от 1.70 $/шт
Аудиотелком, ООО, UA +6 объявлений
We offer Respirators 3m 1860, 8210, etc. In unlimited quantities. Delivery on CIF air to anywhere in the world.
Three-layer mask (spanbond-meltblown-spanbond)
Оптовая цена
от 0.04 €/шт DAP
Полищук Д.А., ИП, BY +1 объявление
We are proud to present the most comfortable and comfortable mask ever designed and manufactured in Europe. EU certified.
Medical masks 3-layer, factory production
Оптовая цена
0.10 $/шт FCA
Воронежцева Л.А., ФЛП, UA +2 объявления
Announcement from the official representative of the Turkish export company in Ukraine. We offer medical masks 3-layer factory...
Vg70 Respiratory Ventilator
56 000 $/шт FOB
Euro Work, ЧП, UA
The artificial lung ventilation device vg70 is designed for artificial lung ventilation in the following categories of patients: adults, children,...
Цена по запросу
Ачылов Н., ИП, TM +6 объявлений
I am selling masks. 3ply
Цена по запросу
Ачылов Н., ИП, TM +6 объявлений
I am selling masks. L/C.
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