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Wholesalescraps BV, SE

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WillDe Omloop 11 7707Dx Balkbrug-Netherlands
WillDe Omloop 11 7707Dx Balkbrug-Netherlands
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Деятельность компании

Wholesale Scrap Eu is a reputable company in Netherland, focused on collecting, sorting-out, processing and bailing of recycled paper, plastic, aluminium and metal waste and many other scrap products.

Established in 2000, we have build on a history that dates back to more than 6 generations in the Recycling business.

Initially, the company’s sole activity was the supply of waste paper, plastic scrap, aluminium scrap and scrap metal trade. Moreso as one of oldest companies in Netherlands, Wholesale scrao Eu took up processing of plastic waste material based on its own patented technology. It also expanded its activity to include preparing material for further processing by crushing and grinding, sorting, briquetting and granulating.

We employ various processing technologies to crash and grind very soft and hard materials, including soft PVC, rigid PVC, PET, HDPE, PP, EPS, PS/ABS recycling with modern technology to produce high value finish products. The different types of plastic are sorted and separated from the contaminations, grinded, and washed as necessary.

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PU Foam Scraps for sale
300 €/т
Wholesalescraps BV, SE, Бад-Гойзерн
85% Pu Foam High Quality Foam Scrap For Rebonded Foam The foam scrap is mostly used for the production of recycled foam for furniture, mattress,...
Все объявления: 1
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