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Norica Timber, GmbH

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Feistritz 1, 9751
Feistritz 1, 9751
Регистрация:  4 января 2023
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Деятельность компании

High-tech with integrity – supplies timber and biofuel products such as ENplus A1 Wood Pellets, Kiln Dried Firewood, Wood Briquettes, Wood Chips, Charcoal, Fire Starters, EUR Pallet, Animal Bedding Pellets at discounted prices.

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Wholesale ENplus A1 Wood Pellets For Sale Online In Europe
190 €/т
Norica Timber, GmbH, Шпитталь-ан-дер-Драу
Our wood pellets are the highest grade possible backed by the ENplus A1 certification. We ensure that the pellets which are delivered have the...
Bulk Kiln Dried Firewood For Sale Mesh Bag | FSC Certified Wholesale Firewood In Net Bag
190 €/т  
опт 70 - 90 €/т
Norica Timber, GmbH, Шпитталь-ан-дер-Драу
Strong package. Easy to carry. Personalised label available. Volume of bag: 22 L Our Kindling is 100% natural – we never use chemical additives...
Cheap Firewood For Sale Online | Wholesale Firewood Supplier | Bulk Oak Dried Firewood
240 €/т  
опт 90 - 120 €/т
Norica Timber, GmbH, Шпитталь-ан-дер-Драу
Compact storage of firewood. Easy to transport. Comfortable to store. Dimensions of crate (m): 0.85×1.15×1.15 One Tree Planted with every...
Wood Chips For Sale | Buy Wood Chips Wholesale | Bulk Order Wood Chips Near Me
90 €/т  
опт 35 - 50 €/т
Norica Timber, GmbH, Шпитталь-ан-дер-Драу
Wood chips have a 5-30mm particle size Supplied in large Approx.1000 litre bulk bags. Wood chip is an ideal material for many applications,...
Order Nestro Briquettes Online Wholesale Price | Nestro Briquettes For Sale Near Me
180 €/т  
опт 60 - 80 €/т
Norica Timber, GmbH, Шпитталь-ан-дер-Драу
Made from clean sawdust produced during wood processing. Wood species: softwood. Calorific value: 17.5-20.2 MJ/kg. Ash content: ~ 0.5 %. Moisture...
Buy Hardwood Sawdust Briquettes Bulk | Best Hardwood Sawdust Briquettes For Cheap
130 €/т  
опт 50 - 70 €/т
Norica Timber, GmbH, Шпитталь-ан-дер-Драу
Light quickly and easily. Produce a great amount of heat. Wood species: hardwood MIX. Calorific value: 4300/4500 Kcal/kg. Ash content: ~ 0.42...
Все объявления: 20
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