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Flakers of frozen blocks FBF 600

Flakers of frozen blocks FBF 600
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The FBF frozen blocks flaker is intended for flaking of frozen blocks of meat, fish and poultry (including with bones), as well as frozen blocks of juice, butter, margarine and similar products coming directly from cold storage and without prior defrosting.

It includes a system to pneumatically supply blocks with reinforced guide rails on linear bearings.

Frozen Meat Flaker - Distinctive features
- Reliability
- Safety
- Speed
- Hygiene

Side screens to protect from crumbs. The flaking of the product takes place without any product loss. The area around the flaker remains perfectly clean, the flakes do not fly around, and they fall only into the receiving hopper. The flaker is supplied with a system to fix the trolley in place, with side limiters and protective blinds. The feeding system of the device is completely self-cleaning.

Reinforced construction and the use of first-class hardened blade steel guarantees the efficiency and long service life of the equipment, as well as minimum costs for maintenance and exchanging working parts.

Vibration damping supports ensure softness and low level of noise during operation.

The blocks are loaded with the help of two guide rails and a central pneumatic roller. The feeding gantry is supplied with teeth for fixing the block. All pneumatic units are protected, no parts of the product can enter into them. There is also a system for filtering the compressed air in the pneumatic installation.

Fast-lifting reinforced lid ensures easy access to all internal surfaces of the flaker for maintenance.

The cut thickness is adjustable (by shifting the feeding gantry). Depending on the chosen specifications, a block can be ground up both into thin flakes up to 2 mm in size, as well as into thick pieces up to 100 mm, which are broken off the entire block. The speed at which blocks are fed is adjustable.

The FBF flaker is supplied with a strong reliable framework which ensures the stability of the entire construction and offers the possibility of mounting it on a non-horizontal surface (with a tilt angle up to 15 degrees) with the aid of adjustable supports.

All side surfaces are made of thick polished stainless steel.

The rotor is supplied with blades made from high-quality hardened stainless steel that are sharpened on both sides, which significantly extends the service life before they need to be sharpened.

- Opening any lid brings the rotor to a stop.
- The blocks of product are fed with the help of a pneumatic cylinder, which eliminates potential risk to the operator.

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